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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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Worf's "racism," which rarely sunk lower than being judgmental, isn't really a good measure of how good of a character he was. Dukat's racism far exceeded Worf's, extending into political and economic exploitation and prejudicial justice. However, Dukat is arguably a better character than Worf, and within the context of DS9 alone, probably more memorable. Indeed, the major narratives of DS9 hinge on Dukat. Of course, Dukat is no roll model, but DS9 is also not PBS morning television.
Worf is neither a role model, he hasn't been created to promote a lifestyle based on ""honour"". The Klingons were no more the main ennemy from TOS, but it doesn't mean they became angels. As Spock, Worf was there to provide sometimes a different perspective and this different perspective happens to be sometimes negative.
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