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Re: Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

Like I said, we spent half a month's budget and got a small TASCAM to help with the sound. We're using a couple of hypercardioids at 30 to the camera. We may have them positioned too far out from the actors, so we're going to look at moving them closer. We're aware of the issue; we're just not sure if we can get the problem solved with such a limited budget.

The battle is the first one in Project: Potemkin's 12 releases to date. I don't think we even have another in the next 15 productions until we get to "Third Watch." I think fans have become jaded to battles, but this was our cast's first, and they were excited.

The pair of Orion ships depicted are, according to the chap that insisted we use them, more than a match for the Potemkin. Faster, more maneuverable, and toward the end of the battle began targeting critical systems.

The sound effect of the shields being hit is from TOS "All Our Yesterdays": It's Mr. Atoz's stunner. Of all the sounds I listened to when coming up with the sound catalog for this episode, I liked the reverb it had. The Potemkin's interior rumble when hit is from "Balance of Terror." And the Orion Sortex frigates engine noises were from DS9 Runabouts.
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