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Re: "Intelligence" season 1 discussion & spoilers (Josh Holloway)

This was a good episode for the speculative look forward and the discussion of the dangers of this technology, as well as the drama surrounding Phlox being infected, but I hate it when the true bad guy is completely obvious to the audience but the characters don't figure it out for another 35 minutes. I mean, as soon as the guy was salivating over Gabriel's chip and saying he was "the future" like the note attached to the nanite packages all said, you would think that that should have clued in the team to check him out.

Plus, their operational security for this highly classified project sucks ass. They let a guy in to their inner sanctum, and Gabriel freely spoke about his abilities in front of him without anyone batting an eye except the Secret Service agent, and then Gabriel still made it completely obvious after that. Then they let the guy leave the premises without so much as signing a non-disclosure agreement. Then Gabriel gives away his secret again to someone they think is a terrorist. Yeah, most people won't take him seriously, but it's still something they need to be more careful about sharing and doing in front of non-cleared people.

I kept thinking the solution to saving Phlox was going to be using a defibrillator or taser to shock the nanites into malfunctioning, so they score points for finding a different method of solving the problem.
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