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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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To me Worf became a rounded character on DS9, something he never was on TNG. DS9 gave him the opportunity to truly fall in love, experience command, meet a klingon that taught him what it meant to be a klingon in the truest sense (Martok). Worf got to loosen up, have fun and for me DS9 defines his character. In Ezri he had the opportunity to open up to someone who knew him deeply and could give him good counsel. I think DS9 would have been missing something with out both of these characters.
Any TNG character would have profited from being a regular on DS9. The writing for DS9 was FAR superior to the writing for TNG.
Isn't that true for every character, regular or not? Tom Riker became more than the man obsessed over career and lost love. Lwaxana Troi, when she exposed herself in order to give Odo a place to regenerate, revealed her generosity. Gowron's weaknesses and petty jealousies were exposed. The only characters that didn't work better were Q and Vash, but their episode tried to replicate TNG.
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