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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Then read the novels. The Prime universe is dead as far as live-action goes...
They used to say that about Kirk. Given enough time and the right people who want it, anything is possible.
Sure. But there aren't nearly enough fans of TNG-era Trek to make the 'Prime' timeline the basis for any major new Trek production. It's over, and that's ok. There's 400+ episodes of TNG-era Trek to enjoy, if that's your thing.

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Voted for "I'm a fan and I want the Prime timeline back."

I don't think, that Kirk&Co are the best and exclusive Star Trek storytellers. They were at the beginning, and they are indeed iconic characters. But still.

As for me, Star Trek is not only a characters, it's a live and continuously developing universe. I appreciate "Berman's-era" for its contribution to ST-history. We got TNG and the Borg, DS9 and Dominion War, VOY and Delta Quadrant exploring. It was exciting and meaningful.
Not so much, no. It was a nonsensical mish-mash of conflicting ideas, timelines and situations that never really hung together. The characters took a steady march into mediocrity with each passing photocopy of TNG and the interpersonal drama that made TOS so electric was entirely excised by the time VOY rolled around, leaving us with a tepid and entirely forgettable seven seasons of drek. Even DS9 was saddled the Roddenberry dictum of 'evolved humanity,' so that the most interesting character was the Ferengi.

Most likely I'm wrong, but Kirk&Co are the past of ST-history, practically they can't contribute to the future of Star Trek Universe. The nuTrek Universe should be developed, it's silly to trust "destiny" and consider tribble cameos as an well-founded stuff.
Star Trek isn't The Lord of the Rings. No care or attention was given to the foundations of the universe or the continuity of the setting. It was conceived as a S/F action-adventure series and worked best in that format.
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