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Re: DS9 Caption Context 87: Station of Looooooove

Nog: to Jake "Don't worry, I got this." to girl "This isn't what it looks like, we're just gay."
Jake: "We're gay? We're not gay. Where'd you learn that anyway Nog?"
Nog: "Common English slang of the 1920s. Did I say it wrong or something?"

Garak: "I almost dread to ask this my dear, but... Is there something in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

Dax: "I'm so hot for you right now, that all six of my nipples are tingling?"
Lenara: "What?"
Dax: "Would you believe that one of my past hosts was a creature evolved from a domestic cat?"

Odo: "Just like that!"

O'Brien: "That wasn't in the history books..."
Bashir: "What?"
O'Brien: "The lifts on Kirk's Enterprise had 'Love in an Elevator' by Aerosmith piped through them at all times."

Kira: "Creepiest roleplaying idea, ever!"
Bareil: "You don't wanna do it?"
Kira: "Let's not be hasty..."
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