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Re: Medical Update--Possible Setback.

Well, I recently got a tentative date for the surgery. They've circled Jan 2015. Don't have a specific date yet, but should get that really soon, I'm also on the cancellation list so will have potentially to move up the list should anyone reschedule or outright cancel.

My first surgery back in 07 was on a cancellation, it happened a couple of months earlier than it was booked. This doesn't surprise me, I expected to be booked either sometime in December or early Jan.

I'm okay. Still a lot of pain, not much I can do about that, been excising and dieting to lose weight. The weather has affected the foot as well, it's been "on and off" the past couple of weeks pain wise. Mostly try to stay off of it, but will occasionally have short walks in the afternoon as I've been encouraged to do so.

Going back to physio to realign myself since my coverage has rebooted for the year. That's about all I have to update.
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