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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

Alright, up to the end of season 5. I just finished watching "Business as usual".

Some general comments: So far I don't think DS9 is better than TNG. I think they both excel at the type of stories they are trying to tell. TNG sticks with high concept sci-fi (for the most part) and sometimes fails miserably. But man, when it succeeds, it succeeds in spades . The good TNG episodes are stellar TV in general, and rival any other show's "good" episodes.

DS9 leaves the sci-fi portion simply as a background to what the show really is about: drama, and the characterization of the people in the series. On that, sometimes it succeeds greatly (Quark) and sometimes fails miserably (Jadzia), with characters like Sisko and Kira being somewhere in the middle?

The series is a lot more disjointed than I remember. I think it's because they had to do a lot of filler episodes to get 26 episodes per season, and budget restraints required some episodes to be low budget in nature so that the "meat" episodes had a higher budget to work with.

I think DS9 works well as a compliment to TNG, just as TNG works well as a compliment to TOS.

For that to work, you have to really really have an open mind about certain things. For example, a TNGite like myself was indoctrinated that money and currency was a thing of the past in the Federation.

But outside the Federation currency is still alive and well, and Starfleet personal even dabble in it here and there. This is heresy to someone who's been fed a steady diet of TNG.

With a bit of maturity though, this logic inconsistency can be overlooked, and the show becomes much easier to enjoy. I think the Ferengi are really well done on a comedic level, and it's the first time I actually howl out loud laughing sometimes at the Ferengi antics.
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