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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Continuing on with the Baker stories I watched Masque of Mandragora and The Hand of Fear. I think both are slim in the plot department but are compensated by Baker/Sladen chemistry and great location work. There's a verite quality to The Hand of Fear, the location combined with the character just feels very genuine. Mandragora isn't quite as immediate but has more witty Doctor charm and dialog to make up for it.

I liked Sarah Jane's departure, I didn't really feel it tacked on, it seemed to build through the episode. The Doctor's call to Gallifrey removed any chance to take it back and it had a sad inevitability that again felt authentic. There have been times in my life when it was time for a relationship to end regardless of whether both parties were ready for it.

I'm still really enjoying this watch this time around. Sometimes I have found classic Who too creaky and old-fashioned but the stories have been really fun to watch. I think it helps that I chose to dive in at a strong point in the run.
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