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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Don't know why I didn't see this thread before. I guess I was just so excited to jump right on in, but introductions are in order so here goes:

I am 31 and live in an impossibly small town in Southern/Mid Georgia. Just moved here from another impossibly small south Georgia town right on the border of Florida.

I taught middle school for four years, but this will be my first year teaching high school and I'm a bit nervous. Don't let the job fool you though. I make horrible grammar/spelling errors and manage to sound like an idiot quite frequently. But this is my down time. I watch my p's and q's in the be gentle.

I like science fiction, though I don't read a lot of it anymore...I did when I was a kid. McCaffrey, Bradbury, etc...but I love, love, love scifi films and television shows. My favorites are Farscape, Firefly, and Enterprise.

I wouldn't call myself a StarTrek fan though. My father watched it and I have caught episodes of all incarnations, but I the only one I followed and collected is Enterprise.

Never been to a convention, but I would like to. Maybe next year? Favorite character on Enterprise is Commander Trip Tucker. I am a shipper, but I've read the rules and plan to abide by them.

I have two dogs and a lot of spare time on my hands until the school season starts again. I have what people refer to as an "odd" sense of humor, but I try to reign it in and be as polite as possible online. I know that without vocal inflections and body language, words can come off harsher than we intend, but I will apologize if I offend without intention. Glad to be here. Hope to contribute to many discussions.
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