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Re: If you could only have one: Transporter or Holodeck

Bah! Holodeck wins easy. Why? Because I'd never use the frickin' transporter. Fatal accidents? The thing is fatal when used as directed. Every time that thing disintegrates someone, it's killing that person. The person who materializes at point B is not the person who got on the pad at point A. Similar to the nth degree, but not the person who got on at point A. That person is dead.

I would use the transporter to move goods (and even then not goods that are nonsuches, like the Mona Lisa) or as a flat-out disintegration weapon if possible. But those two uses aren't good enough to beat the holodeck.

But, errrr, could I have one of Quark's holosuites instead? I think my tastes might be a tad, um, particular for the Enterprise computer.

Speaking of which, I assume the whole Enterprise computer wouldn't be needed to run the holodeck. It'd have to be so; Quark was capable of running some pretty sophisticated programs.
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