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Re: Star Trek: Phase II's "The Holiest Thing" - Delayed

Well, I hear you about seeing our hero in less than pleasant conditions. That is indeed one of the concerns we are facing with the script. Patty Wright might choose to weigh in here about those kinds of concerns, having written the script we've used so far. Her thoughts might be moot, however, if someone else ends up writing/co-writing the script.

As I've indicated elsewhere, the main draw to doing "Mind-Sifter" was not just the popularity that the fan-written story seems to have garnered (for better or worse). One of the other reasons was a promise to the (now late) Shirley Maiewski that we would produce her story. (Shirley passed away back in 2004 just as Star Trek Phase II--then still called New Voyages--was getting going.)

Shirley had always been frustrated and disappointed with the changes made by the editors to her original story when it appeared in the old Bantam Books publication Star Trek: The New Voyages. Her request (and our promise to her and her survivors) was that we would adapt her original story rather than the edited version of her story from the old New Voyages book.

But we hear you. The Enterprise scenes were easy for us to get; that's our bread and butter. But the 1950s Earth scenes with a "shell-of-his-former-self" amnesiac Captain Kirk poses challenges to us on so many levels: acting, sets, props, cinematography, etc. But you've hit the nail on the head: do we make it very Star Trek-like, or do we make it more dark and painful like the writer originally intended.

Like always, no matter what we do, of course, large factions of our viewers will be disappointed no matter how well we end up threading this needle.

Thanks for your interest.

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I will admit surprise that Phase 2 is doing Mind Sifter. I'd have thought that's a story that wouldn't do well onscreen, not because it's a bad story, quite the contrary. I vividly remember reading it at the time, and its effect on me. My concern is if you did a faithful retelling I'm not sure I'm not sure how entertaining it could be to see one of your favorite characters treated that way. Call it "The Empath effect", where a decent story can't help but get lost behind the unattractive imagery.

I'm really looking forward to Bread and Savagery based on the brief trailer that was released a while ago. The Procounsel was always a favorite character, and the actor playing him now seems really good at it.
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