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Re: Star Trek: Phase II's "The Holiest Thing" - Delayed

So, the stuff that has been in the Phase II production/postproduction pipeline are (in the order in which they were shot):

1. "Origins" aka "Origins: The Protracted Man" aka "The Protracted Man" written and directed by David Gerrold. The latest thinking by the director is that it will have to be reshot pretty much in its entirety. (All our VFX would seem to be fine; important principal photography shots that we still need to get and then incorporate into existing footage require cast members who are no longer available to us. So we will probably need to reshoot much (all?) of the existing footage with new cast members.)

2. "Mind-Sifter" written by Patty Wright and directed by Mark Burchett. Half the episode takes place in "regular" Star Trek time and half takes place on 1950s Earth. We have most of the regular Star Trek time stuff, but none of the Old Earth stuff. The stuff we do have has a different actor for Dr. McCoy (Mr. David Sherin), who assumed the role when our usual Dr. McCoy (Dr. John Kelley) became unavailable. Now that he is available, we are contemplating re-doing those scenes--which is a considerable amount of stuff. Also, although there was general satisfaction with the script, we are contemplating going in a slightly different direction with it--yet still trying to remain faithful to the original short story on which it is based. If much of the episode needs to be re-shot (like with "Origins," we might seize the opportunity to rework the script a bit.

3. "Bread and Savagery" written by Rick Chambers and directed my Mark Burchett. Fortunately, there are no major problems with the episode. We just need to grab a few more pick-up shots. Summer is our sweet-spot time for doing stuff like that, so while that episode is sure to be our next episode released following "The Holiest Thing," I wouldn't look for it until the fall.

There you go: all the news that's fit to print.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestion? I'm all ears--like always.

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Disappointed it didn't come out, but glad that when it will it'll look as nice as the Phase 2 team wants it...

Greg, can you also please update us with Phase 2's other unreleased Úpisodes in your pipeline, notably Bread and Savagery, and Protracted Man (I think it was said the latter will be completely reshot this summer, right?)...Don't know if I missed any other...

Thank you
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