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Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

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Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

Be sure and watch it in HD (720)!

The Potemkin is beset by a pair of Orion frigates! Can Captain Grigory and his crew hold them off?

Starring Jeffrey Green as Captain Alec Grigory, Douglas Harper as Helmsman Mike Delaney, Hannah E. Ruiz as Tactical Officer Doreen Spampinato, Chris Coleman as Engineer Drew Wallace, Jason Ryan Wallace as Communications Officer Sonaj, Richard Hope Thornton as Security Chief Darrell Frazier, and introducing Sara Higgins Mackenzie as Yeoman Ziandra Yanari.

Featuring Kim Landers as the Navigator and Linda Marcusky as the Science Officer. Written by David Eversole. Directed by Bill Mackenzie. VFX by Mark Berge, John Northam and Randy Landers. Edited by Randall Landers. Music by Tony Lunn. Senior Producer: Rick Foxx.
Project Potemkin
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