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Re: Star Trek: Phase II's "The Holiest Thing" - Delayed

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Well, here's an update.

Having shot this episode back in June, we were really hoping for the shortest turnaround time for any episode we've done so far. (That may still happen.) So many good people have been doing post-production feverishly (quite literally) in so many different capacities. The final edit had been completed for a (short) while, and as early as the day before our planned February 14th release, we were still aiming on getting it out on time.

As we passed the hot-off-the-press episode around internally, I think there was generally some dissatisfaction in the more technical aspects of the episode. Notably, but not exclusively, the color correction was rather uneven throughout the episode. We were willing to do some quick fixes, but the snowy, icy weather was wreaking havoc with the electrical power of important key individuals--including, of course, our colorist. It was decided that we would simply miss our self-imposed release date to do an even better job of crossing our Is and dotting our Ts.

We're reluctant to give a new date--lest the same thing happen again. But we also know that people want firm dates they can rely on. The chatter internally among us was that maybe about a month from now--around the middle of March. But than, you know what they say about the Ides of March.

But if we couldn't hit February 14, maybe March 14 will work out better. That's some holiday or something, isn't it?

(Yes, I know it's dot Is and cross Ts.)

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I'd love an update (because I was REALLY looking forward to seeing it after marathon pep band Friday night <sad face> ). However, when it's ready, it's ready, and I'm glad they're not releasing it before it's ready.

Yes, James Cawley, it's true, I sat there through pep band at two ball games and all I was thinking Friday night was, "I can't wait to get home and watch new Star Trek." Except during the Time Warp. All I thought then was, "Holy shit, the student section is actually dancing along!"
March sounds good if it's not long at all but It'd be better all round if you released the finished product rather than a 'rough cut' with finished episode out soon.

When it's ready it's ready, and I for one will be there downloading and watching on the day (unless it's like 5am here, then I'll just have to wait til first thing in the morning!)!
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