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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

" I don't consider his dislike of Quark 'Racist' "
And that is of course your right, however I must point out that I have presented a number of pieces of direct evidence as to Worf's racism beyond the simple fact that he kept irritatingly referring to Quark as "That Ferengi" long past the point of when as a station commander he should/would have known his name-

Let me ask you this question, just as a matter of conjecture- if someone were to walk up to you and say this-
"The idea of a 'xxxxx' being in love with a 'yyyyy' is offensive", replacing of course the "xxxx" and "yyyy" with almost any race or (in ST terms, species)...

Would that not come across to you as something racist?

Worf says it -to Quark's FACE- and nobody bats an eye, because he's Worf.
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