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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Of course, you all are right. My apologies, Alec. I guess we just have different takes on Garth and what characteristics he exhibits.

It's worth noting too (and I admit I probably got a little too hung up on this) that Star Trek is supposed to be about bettering ourselves and reaching our maximum potential. In the 23rd Century world of Star Trek and Starfleet, who is to say, here in the 21st, what would constitute a likely outcome of Garth's situation?

As ever, I am going to reserve my judgment until I see the final film but it's tidbits like this that get my gears turning and sometimes those gears are writer's gears, which often have to take story logic in to account.

The show I work on is heavily steeped in story logic and we sometimes literally have to spend hours working on minor plot points that contribute to an entire episode making sense and fitting with the twists and turns that are our bread and butter. And since I have to read every draft of every script for the show, my brain is pretty much always "on" in this capacity. I hope you can understand that and will forgive my indulgence in approaching your story point in that light.

On a completely different point, I do quite like the bridge configuration you've developed. I saw the pics on Facebook the other day and while there might be one or two things I'd have done differently if you can fully realize that design for your film, I think it will be quite interesting to see in action.
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