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Re: Star Trek Movie FAQ

Saavik being half-Romulan isn't just in the script.....

It WAS filmed. There are at least half a dozen clips of this cut scene on Youtube.

Saying it was in the script without mentioning that it was actually filmed makes some folks think it was just an early idea that was dropped.

I have no doubt that Meyer, who supervised the re-edit of TWOK in 1985 for ABC TV, would have added the 25 second scene back in, if ST 3 hadn't debuted in 1984, with Nomoy's dulled down version of 'full Vulcan' Saavik.

I will always believe that Nomoy hated the fact that Saavik was a highly hyped and popular charactor and would interfere with his limelight in future Trek movies.

So he redefined her as a full (boring) Vulcan who was as interesting as sawdust. Voila, she quickly fades from emerging lead charactor to a footnote in Trek history.
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