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Re: If you could only have one: Transporter or Holodeck

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A thought, a notion. We see a distinct lack of cars
Did you see the same film as I did? We saw absolutely NOTHING of Riverside itself. Just the bar, the Starfleet shipyard, and a couple of really huge buildings off in the distance. Nothing of the city itself. So we have no idea what it's like. We did, however, see San Francisco, which had all of its roads and associated vehicles on them.

Eh, plenty of people have their own personal cannons. JJ stuff is supposed to be a reboot, in an alternate timeline. I think im within my rights to discount it with or without your blessing.
You don't have a personal CANON. You may have a personal CONTINUITY. These are different words. Look them up.

You know you don't have to get angsty to get your point across. Plenty of fans include and exclude different parts of the franchise. Of course what is on screen is considered cannon but I chose to discount it from my own personal cannon for various reason.

Again, in the prime timeline we are shown very little of transport on Earth. In the prime timeline, it is fun to speculate as to what Earth is actually like.
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