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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

Well, the baby is alive, thank goodness, but I feel sorry for poor Tyrese, stuck with two little kids and an infant. And then he was so happy to see Carol, still not knowing that she is (maybe) the killer and was exiled. And she lied to him.

Glen was great in this episode. Lots of planning and smart moves. Maybe he should be the boss.

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4. When Maggie slammed the head of a Walker into the bus she immediately says, “I’m sorry.” Was she saying sorry to Sasha and Bob for almost getting them killed by making them help her look for Glen in the bus? Was she saying sorry ‘cause she knew the Walker she killed? Or was she just saying sorry to the random Walker whom she had never met before?
She apologized for losing it and taking out her anger on the dead person.
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