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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished Revelations and Dust two days ago - I'd been spoiled about a few things beforehand in this thread (I just couldnīt find the time to read and was too curious), so that might have influenced my opinion.

All in all, I quite liked it. It reads very much like a "part 1 of X", and I'm not just refering to the DS9 side of the plot. I very much liked Bacco and am sorry to see her go, but I think the fallout of the event was handled as well as it could be. I really felt for Ro, having first lost the old DS9 and now having to face the death of a president on her watch, on what should have been a happy occasion. R&D is also the first time that I really begin to see what kind of captain Ro is, possessing neither the stability that Sisko gained nor Kira's passion, but with a drive to prove herself that's all her own. It's also good to see she still has Quark for support. The scene where he comes to comfort her after disaster has stuck was very well done. His ringing her doorbell throughout the night to find out when she came home was a very sweet touch and I like that this odd relationship is still going strong.

As for the Kira/Keev plot, Iīm not as against it as some previous posters seem to be. These Prophet visions are part and parcel of what DS9 is, always salted with a bit of uncertainty of whether or not we're being shown real events or if it's just in someone's head ("My dear Harry... Of course it's all in your head - but whatever makes you think it's not real?"). Altek's final appearance underscores that, as I'd previously envisioned Keev's work at rebuilding the cave passage as an analogy for "internal repairs" to the wormhole. The highlight of this storyline for me though, is in the very beginning. Kira's evolving relationship with Sisko is one of the great strengths of DS9 for me, and her being shown his inital meeting with the Prophets in all its raw emotion was heartbreaking. It underlined for me that she no longer considers him her Emissary first, but rather her friend. As for the end of the story, it really left me wanting more. There is a certain dangling Jem'Hadar plot thread that has always been top of my "what happened during the time we missed" list, and I've always enjoyed Taran'atar as a character.

Over all, Above Average from me. Now continuing with The Crimson Shadow, as my having fallen behind on my reading at least allows me to read the entire Fall series back-to-back now...
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