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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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But one person turning couldn't have caused all that death, and we have seen that turning doesn't happen quickly. There should have been time for most everyone to get off the bus. But there it was sealed, with about a dozen walkers.
That was lazy, convenient writing, since one person turning would be easy to handle, and even if he or she managed to bite another, who would not kick the infected victim off of the bus?

The producers needed to get rid of the last of the Woodbury refugees, so they picked one that--as you pointed out--made no sense at all.
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I see a few mentions of the walker bus, if you look at the back of the bus it's pretty shot up , I took it as a bunch of people got killed.
Yeah, that was a bit lazy but it's not hard to visualize. Whoever was onboard is obviously panicking since they took off without the people they were waiting for. Perhaps there are already people onboard who were dead or dying. On top of that, one of the invaders shoots up the bus and kills a few people. All it takes is for any one of those to do a "rapid turn" and munch a couple more people. Suddenly there's mass panic. Folks stampede out of the bus, trampling a few more of their own on the way. Right there, that already accounts for the number of zombies onboard.

As for everyone else who got out of the bus: they just kept running and we won't see them again. The only smart thing they did was to shut the bus door.

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3. How did Bob’s bullet not pierce Maggie when Bob shot at the Walker that was between them?
More convenient, lazy TV stuff. At point blank range--Bob's position--the bullet would have gone through the walker and right into Maggie...but its not quite her time yet....
Now THAT was just plain lazy.
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