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TNG Caption This! 347: Better than ever

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't make get this going by sunday night, but since this is a holiday weekend for most, it's still kinda on the weekend...

First up to the plate, we have the "Trial Run" Award, going to:

Mojochi wrote: View Post

Riker: I dream of a galaxy where your eyes are the stars and all the universe worships the night... You are the heart in my day and...

Picard: Nope still not working. Let's go back and try it with Guinan again
Next, we have "The Klingon who Shagged me" Award, going to:

Armored Saint wrote: View Post

K'EHLEYR: Worf, I'm late!
WORF: No, you got here right on time.
K'EHLEYR: No, I mean, I'm LAAAATE!
Next, the two top captions for this next photo were both from the same competitor, so I'm making both entries winners!

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Picard: "Next time you're in the mood for a little role-playing, I just read a fascinating entry from James Kirk's old Enterprise logs about a place called the 'Mirror Universe' and something called a 'captain's woman.'"

Picard: "I'm sorry, Beverly, but I'm already my ship."
Crusher: "But, Jean Luc, there are things I can give you that the ship can't."
Picard: "No, that was only true before the holodecks were installed."
Next, we have the "Warm-Up Act" Award, going to:

Smellincoffee wrote: View Post

Henshaw: It's so nice of you to keep me company while I wait for Commander Riker to pick me up, Geordi. You're such a sweetie!
Next, we have the "And then he kicked his own tires" Award, going to:

2takesfrakes wrote: View Post
Data attempts to mask his New Car smell ...

The Photoshop Award, goes to:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

PICARD: Q was right, Riker's dream woman is Kathy Janeway!

Finn wrote: View Post

Meanwhile, at Starfleet Academy...

Cadet's Log: We found this weird place somewhere in Uganda over the weekend where there was supposed to be an old Bolian monk living in the jungle. She read my palm and said my mother was with my father now. I tried to get in touch with the Enterprise. But they were out of range. So I am starting to worry

Holdfast wrote: View Post

RIKER: It's the Tsiolkovsky virus. Hey, don't laugh, it got him laid once, it can do it again!
Congratulations to all of our winners and many thanks to our all of our competitors!

Thanks to Nerys Myk for my amazing avatar!

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