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Re: Children of Time - Why Did Kira Have to Die?

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" The shuttle would be too weak."

And yet a class four probe would make it just fine?

" Too many crewmembers would need to go with her. Etc."

It's a simple warp-capable shuttle. Nobody but her needs to go on it.

Like I said before- it's only because the writers didn't think about it.

It's the same reason why they continually forget about how casually Kirk flitted back and forth through time in TOS- because then you wouldn't have a show.
Dax: Chief, if we reconfigure the [emitter name] on a class [number] shuttle, can Kira make it through the energy barrier on her own.
O'Brien: Maybe. But in order for it to work, I'd have to remove the positron [equipment name] from the Defiant and attach it to the shuttle's warp [gadget].
Sisko: But Chief, the Defiant's graviton [emitter] is designed to operate on a subspace [wave type] of 18 [frequency measurement].
O'Brien: True. [long pause] But in order to do that, I'd have to [techno] the [gadget] conduit to the main ODL [scientific adjective] shunt. In order to do that, I'd need a [particle name] capacitor. I left my one the station when I realigned the [gadget] on upper pylon two last week.
Dax: We might be able to make one if we reconfigure a flux [tool name].
O'Brien: Yes, but if it's off by two [quantum measurement], Kira's head might explode like an [planet name, adjective form] [animal name]. I wouldn't want to be blamed for that.
Sisko: Then you better get to work!

[After a brief montage]

O'Brien: That's it. We burned out the [gobbledigook]. This shuttle will never fly again!

That's pretty much the dialogue that would have "fixed" the episode, the same dialogue that appeared in every Berman-era episode in which the technology saved the day. It would have chewed up a lot of time that could have been spent on the Defiant's crew's feelings towards the people on the planet.
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