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Re: If you could only have one: Transporter or Holodeck

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Maybe it was just me, but even the impression I got of Riverside, IA, in Star Trek 2009 was of a place that, aside from the shipyard facilities, was actually SMALLER than Riverside, IA, in our 2014.
Being from near the real riverside, that movie looked nothing like the real Iowa, to flat for Johnson/Washington county, no trees, to arid and there are no quarries like that anywhere near here! Those scenes were obviously filmed in California. Heck why is kirk and the star fleet personal getting drunk in riverside when Iowa City (if it's still there) is near by?
For the record I would rather have a holodeck, considering it has a built in replicator meaning you never have to buy food or clothes again. Oh and then there is the fact you make any scenario you want, exotic locations, women, recreate moves, books or video games.

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