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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

This was a good episode. Not really anything that stunned me, but still a solid hour

I was surprised to see the baby return, even as probable as it returning was, mostly because I thought it was a solid out for the situation. As potential shitty baby deaths go, how bad was it? I mean really, how troubled were we about it just being...... gone?

It seemed like the majority of chatter was more in line with how the group split up & such. Very little talk about how the baby could be dead, and that was possibly because people didn't believe it was dead, or because the thought of it was too horrific to mention

Whatever the reason it wasn't a hot topic, it still could have been possible, and if that had been the decided baby death scenario, frankly, you couldn't play it much better. It played well, & the aftermath would have been manageable, both in the story & among the fanbase

Now we have to continue to contend with the other potential scenarios. What if Lizzy had smothered it? Worse. What if there's a scene involving an attack and it turns? Worse. An accident, etc...

Any point that the baby dies now will be far more terrible than it might have been here, and now they have kind of spent the option of playing it like that again, because it's liable to be less impactful to have it disappear a second time, due to dramatic tedium

To be honest, as a caring person, it's pleasant to know the baby is ok, but objectively, it might have been better to have been done with it here & now, like that

On the up side, the baby is most likely safe now, until they reunite it with either Rick, Carl or both
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