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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Not sure Judith is a character so much as a plot device at this stage.
Exactly, in a way I was just hoping we wouldn't have seen her again, it would have been an easy out for the writers other than taking the comic book route.

I just hope they don't use her for fabricated drama, gang hiding? make the baby cry, Gang trying to be sneaky? make the baby cry, need to get walker attention? make the baby cry....
Getting rid of the baby at this point is just gross shock for the sake of it. The series needs to tone down the shock/stunt episodes (which littered season 3).
Oh and I agree, what I meant was if the last we ever saw of her was the bloody carrier I would have been fine with that, now I'm afraid we'll be stuck with what we had this episode, basically every scene she's in she will be crying and putting the group into danger or we need to find milk or we need to change her diaper or...., I think that will get old real fast.

As far as the season toning down? If it remotely follows the comic it will be ramping up two fold.
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