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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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I'm not gonna give you any flak, you're entitled to your opinion. However, I think you will find yourself in the minority with it.

I'm obviously on Worf's side. He is definitely one of my all time favorite Trek characters.

But I'm not simply going to condede to majority opinion.

I've been watching Trek since I was six, and when it comes to Worf, the character expansion we got, contrary to what has been said here, has been (for the most part) in the final seasons of Next Generation.

Yes, TNG's early seasons in many cases put Worf as the character giving one-liners. But at the same time, TNG's middle to later season also gave his character good episodes and expansion. We saw him express a wide range of emotions and find himself in numerous situations, from how he reacts to his parents to his fatherhood. Worf in a cowboy hat may have been extremely silly, but it showed that he was willing to let his guard down, so to speak, for the sake of his son.

We got his love of Opera in TNG. We got his lineage and yes- his racism (mostly focused towards Romulans) in "Birthright". Not to mention Alexander, though the use of the Alexander character was a bit disappointing in TNG.

TNG took the Worf character and, in the later seasons, did give Dorn some meat to work with, so to speak. One of my favorite TNG episodes, in fact, is a Worf ep- "Parallels".

I have heard people mention expansion of Worf's character in DS9- but what examples did we get? We got him playing off strong characters like Robert O'Reilly, and we got him acting like a spoiled child in multiple episodes. Need I remind anyone about "Let He Who Is Without Sin"? And of course his behavior in "Bar Association".

And yes, his casual racism continued in DS9, along with new abuse of station longterm regulars. He assaulted my second-favorite character, Morn, by flinging him off a barstool just "because"- something that would have serious legal consequences for anyone... except Worf, apparently.

And don't even get me started on his behavior towards Quark. Quark was a multifaceted individual who DID do selfless things from time to time- probably my favorite character on the show. He risked his life on many occasions, and despite being a simple bartender was important. And yet half of Worf's time on DS9 he doesn't even use his name! His continued behavior of referring to him as "That Ferengi" is insulting and immature. He even outright states how much Ferengi disgust him it in "Looking For Par Mach In All The Wrong Places".

This is why I don't like Worf in DS9. I hope I have been explicit and detailed enough so people understand I'm not coming off without a foundation. I've included episode references that are used as the basis of my opinion.

I understand that people "love" Worf, but in so many episodes I see a him portrayed as child, a racist, a small minded creature who received little, if any, positive expansion on DS9.

"Let He Who Is Without Sin" cemented DS9 Worf in my viewpoint. I think, without that show, perhaps I might -might- have been able to see things differently, but that show exists...

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