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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Just watched Doctor Who and the Silurians. It was a decent story, but it could have been a great story. Its biggest problem? It was about 3 episodes too long. It really suffered from padding. At 4 episodes, I think it could have been a stand out story. As it is, its ok but drags a lot in the middle. It has a few other problems, like having the administrator of the research lab being at a level of denial that is probably an indication of severe brain damage or life threatening stupidity. The Doctor, Liz and the Brigadier were as good as they usually are (although the Brigadier's refusal to believe the Doctor went on too long, especially after his experience with the Doctor in Spearhead from Space). Still, I liked this story well enough, but its problems keep it from being more than decent, even though it had potential to be more.
Or it's not long enough: it's been pointed out that it's really the pilot and first few episodes of a spinoff about the ongoing human/Silurian battle for control of Earth ( "This week, the Silrians have released a deadly anti-human plague!" Canthe Doctor find a cure? How will the Brig retaliate?") that comes to a sudden end.
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