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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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The head of Ubi has said they may start doing more than 1 game a year.
Such "line work" can significantly influence the quality of games. I hope they take the time they need.
I'd say the quality has already been heavily influenced as by all accounts the games have been getting increasingly iterative. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I have more respect for the likes of the Saints Row franchise which managed to significantly change things up with each game.

From where I sit, it looks like the suits at Ubi are looking at AC the same way EA looks at their annual sports game releases: essentially the same game, reusing a lot of assets with some minor graphical tweaks.

Not to single out AC as it's far from the only franchise doing this ATM. The big military shooters are just as guilty.

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After not touching it for about a year I'm back in the Witcher 2 to finally get Act 1 done and work towards finishing the game.
The Witcher games are awesome. I'm a huge fan. They have a level of maturity that I miss in other role playing games (although Dragon Age and Skyrim are very good games, too). But The Witcher games feature a dirtier world and therefore the player is often put in a position where he can only choose between the lesser of two evils. Also, the plot changes based on the players choices to such an extent that you get different levels to play. I hope you enjoy it.
I *really* want to like The Witcher, but I'm *really* struggling with the gameplay. Only just managed to get into the city area and hit a brick wall when I went out into the swamp and was murdered by a bunch of plants.
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