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Re: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Other than hockey, I've checked out of this Olympics.

Unlike four years ago, there is no stories out there with regards to Canadian olympians. There is no Jon Montgomery walking back with a pitcher of beer. There is Joannie Rochette skating her heart out just after her mother just died.

I blame two things:

1) Bland media coverage here in Canada. Not only has the CBC, who has the rights this year, trotted out broadcasters who make it boring to watch (Jim Hughson/Craig Simpson/Glenn Healy will put you to sleep during a men's hockey game), any commercials leading up to the games were moreso confusing than to illicit any national pride.

2) Political games. This Olympics has been marred by what the International community thinks of Russia's anti-gay laws. Here in Toronto, the big debate has been about whether a gay pride flag should be flown over city hall as a show of solidarity. I am a firm believer that the Olympics should be about the competition, but this has overshadowed by both sides. On the reverse side of it, photos out of Russia have made it look like the communist Russia of old is back and that has only stoked the fire of opponents.

At this point, I can't wait for them to be over.
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