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Re: "Spectre of the Gun" set "West of Mars"?

If you get back to the root, the surrealism movement, at least in visual arts, frequently featured the irrational juxtaposition of images, which I daresay the LIS version (wheeled taxidermed animals in front sketchy buildings and other oddities) is much closer to surreal than Trek's limbo sets, which are more "incomplete" than surreal.

To me it's like people using "art deco" as a catchall describe anything from art nouveux to googie, when deco is actually something pretty specific.

Okay, so my ex is an artist and an art history major, so I've had this discussion 100 times before.

I think what we're forgetting here is that these shows were produced coming out of the pop art movement, so I think some of this minimalism has roots in that in addition to being cheap to execute.
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