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Re: If you could only have one: Transporter or Holodeck

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The roads are not gone. We saw San Francisco in detail in STID, and it still had roads - with cars, pedestrians, trains, the whole shebang.
I never said they WERE gone.
You said "I love the thought that all the roads are gone". In what other way could this possibly be interpreted?

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Though I really dont count JJ Trek as cannon...
Don't take this personally, but you have no choice. You MUST take it as canon, simply because it is. It's onscreen, therefore it is. It's not up to you (or me) to decide any differently.

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even the impression I got of Riverside, IA, in Star Trek 2009 was of a place that, aside from the shipyard facilities, was actually SMALLER than Riverside, IA, in our 2014.
Well, to be fair, we never actually saw Riverside in the film. All we saw was the bar and the Starfleet shipyards. We never had any glimpse of the city itself. There were those huge structures off in the distance, but those could be anything.
A thought, a notion. We see a distinct lack of cars and I dont think it is a leap to say the technology is now quite outdated and other methods of transport [transporters, shuttles] are being used. Hence, I like the thought that some roads may have been destroyed.

Eh, plenty of people have their own personal cannons. JJ stuff is supposed to be a reboot, in an alternate timeline. I think im within my rights to discount it with or without your blessing.
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