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Re: Inner Light, LOL

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I just think badassery is overrated
And you're NOT WRONG. If being a badass was all there was to being a great character, Alice from the Resident Evil movies would be considered the action hero ever created... because that's all she can do. She's so overpowered in her ability to tackle problems that hardly anything is presented as a challenge to her.

And making Picard a badass (darn you for making me type that) did Star Trek no favors. It felt out of character in First Contact and totally out of place in Nemesis. Climbing hoses is one thing, but firing a pistol in one hand and a rifle in the other went way too far. Oh, and that "I'm a badass!" entrance when he blows the door to the Scimitar's bridge fails big time, which made me cry because even Jerry Goldsmith was trying hard to make that moment work but couldn't.

If there was one thing that I didn't like about Inner Light was that it ended. I'm thankful that Picard's flute is brought back as well as the tune, but the whole experience of living a whole new life is not something I would brush aside and move on from so quickly. This was not just someone else's life he experiencing. This was Picard being put into a position where he actually accepted the possibility that his entire life as Picard was just a dream. I don't care how great your memory is, but if you move on from memories like that, you're going to forget some things.
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