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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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If the Enterprise B were actually 622m, how large are the C, D, E, A, and original? Do they scale up in the same ratio of 1.3319?
No, they probably wouldn't, since the exterior features are different.

Still, it always seems that the official sizes of every class of ship in the Enterprise lineage before the alternate reality NCC-1701 understate the size to some degree relative to what we are shown of the interiors.

-The shuttlebay of the original Enterprise wouldn't fit in a 285-m starship. The refit Enterprise and Enterprise-A has to be even larger due to saucer thickness and the increased bulkiness of the engineering hull.

-The Excelsior (and by extension, the Enterprise-B) dwarfs the Enterprise-A in TVH and TUC. In "Encounter at Farpoint", the Hood appears to be about as long as the Enterprise-D (though one could argue that perspective is slightly inflating the Hood's apparent size).

-The Enterprise-D's Ten Forward is located at the front of the saucer, but occupying only the lower rim of windows... which is contrary to Probert's initial design concept the rim being one deck thick... not to mention that there are two very different filming models that depict this ship.

-The Enterprise-C is kind of a stumpier version of the Enterprise-D, but it is still pretty big in "Yesterday's Enterprise".

-In FC, despite Picard telling Lily that the Enterprise-E has 24 decks, another scene shows a security officer saying the Borg control decks 26 through 11. The Enterprise-E is shown to be about ten times the length of the Defiant. In Nemesis, Riker fights the Reman viceroy on deck 29, and the viceroy is somehow knocked down what looks like a "bottomless pit". On the other hand, when the Borg are controlling decks 11 through 26, Worf says that they control more than half the ship... What. The. Heck.

-In DS9, I think that most of the CGI starships are scaled to their official lengths, but most of them are flying in random coordinates in space, so it's tough to get a sense of how large they are relative to each other. Of course, there are still weird inconsistencies, like when that Jem'hadar battlecruiser flies over what looks like a Jem'hadar battleship in "What You Leave Behind".
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