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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Except the people who are saying "I want all Primeverse, no Newverse" are implicitly saying that nothing that would appeal to them can come of the Newverse. Otherwise, why eliminate it entirely?

And yes, the argument does work the same way in reverse, but the poll isn't asking about eliminating the Primeverse, it's asking about eliminating the Newverse.
I watched and bought the Nu-Trek films out of loyalty to Star Trek. But I want the real timeline to be continued, restored, and explored. You could say I do want all-Prime, no Nu-Trek. If it were, I would want the aesthetics updated but very close to the originals. Much closer than Nu-Trek did. One thing Nu-Trek did right is show Orion females in a much better light than the original series or Enterprise managed to do. They were officers in the fleet, and people didn't go crazy around them.
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