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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I voted I want it back. Into Darkness bugged me too much to vote anything else. The Prime line is what I know and love about Star Trek and would love to see a continuation of that. There's too many Prequels and reboots at the moment for me.
I agree. The NuTrek bridge design, ridiculously unbalanced ship design, lack of Vulcan, odd British Khan, emo-Spock, cadet-to-captain-in-days Kirk (seriously?!? Absolutely no one else outranked him on board?), drifter Scotty, one-dimensional McCoy who only spouts one-liners, Uhura snogging a fellow bridge officer, obviously and poorly redressed brewery as engineering, and that's for starters makes me long for the return of real Trek.

That said, if we returned to original Trek, I would be a-ok with bringing a few things over from nuTrek:

-dress uniforms from Into Darkness. They make the service look more real world
-aliens are more prevalent - you see Orions and other aliens walking the ship, which I thought makes more sense.

But with the restoration of real Trek:
-more detail on NCC-1701. Use Deg3D or Vektor's versions of the ship with 3 phaser banks on the top and bottom of the saucer section (seriously having only 1 phaser bank is asking for trouble.). Add nacelle glow when going to warp on the interiors of nacelles, as a tie to TMP. Deg3D and Vektor enhance the original Enterprise without distorting it into a near caricature of itself.
-no pointless hole in the middle of the saucer section for people to fall into
-keep the Carol Marcus, but have her be the lab tech that Gary Mitchell threw Kirk's way. She could be Kirk's Irene Adler, his intellectual equal, and the 'one who got away' that made him dedicate himself to his ship over real long-term relationships.
-give the original Enterprise a real vertical intermix chamber, to tie it in to the rest of Trek, but leave its engineering as we saw in the original series, except for updating the looks of the panels so they actually have some functionality.
-keep the original series bridge, but give it touch panels, NO LENS FLARES, update the buttons themselves with labels, but keep the semi-circular layouts. I don't mind this part of the ship changing from the 60's-future, so long as we don't have such an 'iBridge by Apple' look to everything with distracting, busy panels, lights, and noises overwhelming the senses.
-update the uniform sewing like in ST09, but lose the delta patterns, and keep the ship-specific patches. The Enterprise delta shouldn't be fleetwide yet.
-show commodores and admirals who aren't crazy or incompetent.
-keep the original series' ages and backgrounds and personalities - no emo-Spock, no daredevil Kirk, no super-genius Chekov/Wesley all being at the Academy all at the same time, yet all conceding Kirk as their captain without him having any real experience.
-show how real Kirk experienced Koloth, and perhaps even saved some lives there too.
-show real Kirk defeating the Kobayashi Maru. Nu-Kirk's version of that event didn't seem as real given that character's persona. I can see the real Kirk having beaten it, but not nuKirk.
-show Robert April and Christopher Pike and tie Kirk into the history of the Enterprise somehow, and Jonathan Archer into Robert April's history.
-flesh out Captain Pike's crew, give "Number One" a name and backstory.
-no Spock's Brain episode; other less-than-well-written episodes can be dropped from the timeline
-show ships that are in-line between NX-01 to NCC-1700 (USS Constitution) that give a plausible evolution between the two, and show some actual Daedelus-class ships
-rewrite Khan's history to be that World War III was the Eugenics Wars (an alternate name for it), to explain why our timeline didn't have it, and keep Trek as a possible future for us
-other referenced events from TNG, DS9, VOY from the late 20th/early 21st century that haven't happened still don't happen in the restored timeline.
-change the before-TNG uniforms of the 1701-C to be this or this, then the 3rd season TNG version in the 2350s to 2365, then to this and this for 2366 onward till a bit after the end of Voyager. Then the Star Trek online uniforms.
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