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Re: Going to Eden ... Yea brother

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The ONLY two good things about "The Way To Eden" are two carryovers from "The Doomsday Machine": The (fully functional) Auxiliary Control Room, and Elizabeth Rogers as Lt. Palmer. Otherwise, bllleeeccccchhhhhhhhhhh!

And these hippies, as I've said before, aren't the real deal, and would have been scorned by an actual hippy from the 1960's if they ever traveled forward in time to the 23rd-24th centuries and saw how good it was to live on Earth then.
Remember Spock's explanation:

"There are many who are...uncomfortable with what we have created. It is almost a biological rebellion. A profound revulsion against the planned communities, the programming, the sterilized, artfully balanced atmospheres. They hunger for an Eden, where spring comes."
So "how good" life is in the 23rd century is not necessarily good for the soul. Spock's statement predicted the reality we live in now, where cloned, perfectly manicured housing developments (using materials that are by no means "green") surrounded by the shallow glitz of Apple stores (eyeroll x 10,000), Starbucks, trendy clothing stores and of course, the usual Super Target or Pavilions.

As much of a phony "perfection" as that is today, it is easy to imagine it being worse in the 23rd century---and that's not the natural, green life sought by TWTE castaways. On that note, they are very much like the hippies of the episode's production era.
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