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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I finished An Unearthly Child/100000BC today. I'd actually seen the first episode of this serial before, but I had never watched the rest of it. Compared to later Who, it's amazing how little the Doctor actually does in the story. Beyond getting captured to start things off and tricking Kal into showing that he was actually the one to kill the old woman, the Doctor isn't much of a factor. Ian, Barbara, and Susan carry a lot of more of the story, but the guest cast seems to have more screen time than any of them.

I think The War Games is next in my queue, so I'm hopping back to the Second Doctor. This would have finished him up, but now I need to see The Enemy of the World and what they found of The Web of Fear. Has there been any word as to when these will be out on DVD?
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