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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

Janeway did not murder Tuvix....because nothing of him was actually destroyed....his mind and body continued but in an altered state

At best, you might argue that she allowed a unique consciousness to be lost by the natural step of bringing Tuvok and Neelix back

If you're 6 year old daughter screams that she wants to be six forever (and keep that 6 year old consciousness alive for all time) the fact that time allows it to be lost as she develops into an adult with a new unique adult consciousness, does not mean that time is a murderer....and if it does, then your definition of murder is massively abstract

It's a huge grey area....and it would be a simplistic mind that dismisses her actions as murder

As for the doctor refusing to do it...that isn't a huge issue for me....if Janeway walked into sickbay and told the doctor to stab Kes to death....would he simply say "sorry captain, i can't do that but here, have the knife"....i doubt it....he'd make an impassioned plea, he'd try to protect Kes.....with Tuvix, he doesn't make any such impassioned speech to save him....he simply says "i can't do it" then just stands aside

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