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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Just curious, who would be up for a rated R, HBO ran series? I would personally love it.
I'd be fine with a Trek Show not being afraid to show a necessary (to the plot or character) sex scene, but, I don't want to see it descend into something like True Blood (Is Game of Thrones the same?) where you have a gratuitous sex scene or even two in every episode. Look at the outrage, just over the Decontamination underwear and/or Gel scenes, which are nowhere near as numerous as you'd think by the vitriol.

I'd also be fine with some added grit/darkness/graphic violence, but, again, I don't want so much of it, unrelenting, that the show isn't still generally fun to watch. B5 and DS9 both went pretty dark at times, as does Once Upon a Time now, and they're all very fun to watch for me.

NuBSG and Torchwood: Children of Earth, are both very excellent masterpieces of SciFi and well worth watching and enjoyable, but, there's almost never a break from the hopelessness and depressing-ness. To keep a show fun, you need to break up the Heavy drama (Either with a positive "B" story, or something positive in alternate episodes, or some humor somewhere, where you give the audience a break from seeing only depressing)

The Walking Dead, is about as dark as you can go with a TV show, without it becoming "Torture Porn"tm, but, it still manages to keep some fun and hope splashed in here and there.

If there was a more adult version, I'd prefer to also see an animated version, so folks like BillJ could still share some with their kids. And if the adult version went too NuBSG depressing or too True Blood almost non-stop sex, I'd probably look forward to the Animated version more each week.
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