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Re: Is Star Trek better as a TV series or a film series?

For me Star Trek is a TV series first and foremost.

I've got my own little theory that the movies have definitely have a much wider cache within the broader general audience than the TV show; I've personally spoken to loads of people who claim never to have watched a single episode of Star Trek on TV, but have watched at least some of the movies.

But for me, the truth is that the Star Trek format was birthed on TV, and arguably reaches its greatest potential within the television framework. I guess what I'm saying is that TV is its comfort zone, in a way?

For comparisons sake: in the movie world, Star Trek has always felt to me like a small fish swimming around in a big lake. As a format, it will *never* truly 'belong' on the big screen, and in fact its translation to the cinema was arguably just a set of lucky circumstances.

Whereas on TV, the format can thrive. It 'belongs' in that long-form, 26 episodes a year format, where the characters and situations have breathing space.

A two-hour Star Trek movie can cover some very Trekkian themes (the popular TWOK succeeds because it is Star Trek to its very core). But the reality will always be that being restrained to a two-hour format usually means that compromises have to be made, corners cut and broader strokes applied to how the Star Trek universe operates. Everything must be accessible to the audience right now, as opposed to the deft touch to writing that a TV show (at its very best) allows.
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