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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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My feelings exactly.
So you are ok with murder then?

Tuvix was a sentient being, and in a sense born on a Federation Starship which would make him a Federation citizen and as such entitled to all the protections that come with it, and even if he wasn't a Federation citzen when onboard a Federation ship, Federalion law applies. Murder is against Federation law. Therefore Janeway was wrong and is guilty of murder.
No one died. Two people who were combined through no fault of their own were restored by Janeway's order. But if that's how you define murder ... sure. I'll take Murder for $200, Alex.
In an accident people can die, be injured etc.. but when someone dies in an accident we don't call it murder. Tuvix was a sentient being and as such was entitled to the full protection of Federation Law. Also Janeway was hadly an impartial judge in the matter. If Tuvix refuses to undergo a procedure he is fully entitled to do so.

If we look back to TNG's "Measure of a Man". The court ruled that Data could refuse to undergo Maddox's procedure, We have a similar situation, Tuvix is refusing to undergo a procure, as precedent has been set the court should have ruled in Tuvix's favour and Data was in Starfleet. Remember Tuvix had no control over his creation, murdering someone because of how he came into being is wrong.
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