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VOY Scorpion Part II / Engineers / Art Avatar Contest

Welcome to the new Voyager Avatar Contest!


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Avro Arrow captures first place in the episode contest and wins the privilege of running the next contest.

od0_ital and Praetor_Shinzon tied for second




In the VOY theme contest, od0_ital and Praetor_Shinzon tied for first




Orac and yours truly tied for second



Praetor_Shinzon captures first place in the Random contest


Avro Arrow comes in second

Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow you get to pick the next episode and run the next contest.

Od0_ital and Praetor_Shinzon can duke it out over who gets to pick the VOY theme.

Since Praetor_Shinzon took first place in the Random contest, you get to choose the new one.

I hope I covered everything.... whew!
And now for this contest...

For the episode, I decided to just finish out the two-parter with Scorpion Part II... where the viewer learns that Voyager can double as a submarine, the crew learns that it is possible to make a deal with the Borg (for a little while, anyway), and Seven of Nine unwillingly begins her journey with the Voyager family.

The Voyager theme was chosen by od0_ital:

od0_ital wrote: View Post
Gonna keep it simple for the theme - let's go with "Engineers."
And the Random theme was chosen by Praetor_Shinzon / Saga:

Saga wrote: View Post
the new random theme will interpret that as you see fit.
Saga wrote: View Post
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^Can we submit our own art or does it have to be someone known?
it can be your own.
All entries should conform to board avatar rules: maximum size is 150 by 150, and file size should be no more than 140 KB if animated.

I'll leave the contest open for a week, so the voting thread should be posted on Sunday, February 23.

Have fun!
Avro Arrow is online now