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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Here is the schematic I mentioned last, took a while longer to get it done:

BillJ motivated me unintendedly to make it up when he said he felt the Sternbach design worked better as an evolution link between the original "B" and "D".
No pun, but I always felt the Sternbach / Jein "C" would work better as an evolution link between both TV Enterprises, especially since both share the illuminated ventral sensor dome, similar nacelle caps and a circular navigational deflector.

Next, this would roughly correspond to much, much longer usage periods of the hand phasers in this alternate reality of shortage (in contrast to ours of plenty).

@ King Daniel

Of course that is a conjectural assumption / speculation. But it does provide one rationalization for these 2344 uniform "oddities".

@ Unicron

Only the crew members wore belts, the red officer jackets (only Garrett and Castillo) had no belts.

@ yenny

I had tried myself to accept the refit theory but amidst different starship classifications for almost identical designs (e.g. refit Enterprise/Constitution Class, Miranda/Soyuz Class) I've come to find this rather hard to believe.

In addition, for discussion purposes, I think it would be easier to accept "Ambassador Class" for Rick Sternbach's design while the design of Andrew Probert could/should be a different class (my personal top candidate remains "Probert Class", named after this respected Commodore Probert who gave the rendezvous orders in the Epsilon 9 subspace radio chatter in TMP).

@ Lance

One of the things some of us enjoy doing here at the BBS is to come up with rationalizations for these inconsistencies you mentioned. Yes, it's "just a show" but I find these rationalization attempts interesting and rewarding.

Of course, this thread is obviously dominated by the idea of putting Andrew Probert's Enterprise-C back on the "canon" map (I don't think it ever went away).

But regardless, I'm also offering a different interpretation of what actually might have happened in "Yesterday's Enterprise".
These "inconsistencies" are probably just production errors, yet I can't exclude that they may have been deliberate to allow different interpretations, given the uncertainties and variables that inevitably come with an episode which takes place in an alternate reality.

But the biggest "inconsistency" is yet to come, you'll see it in my upcoming Part IV later today.

I always thought that Enterprise-C looked good and was well done.
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