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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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^I thought that MMO was supposed to be that.
One problem with the MMO, which the creators have acknowledged but are having an immensely difficult time correcting, is that the game is heavily skewed towards combat. While it's fun, it's only one part of Star Trek, and it doesn't quite translate to an experience beyond mere shooting. There's not much exploration (admittedly hard to do if there are thousands of players), problem solving and puzzles get tedious, quest narratives become convoluted, and even intergalactic diplomacy descends into a gunfight.

So the MMO only appeals to a certain section of fans, but it isn't as comprehensive as one might expect from an open world. I like the game and I play it, but it's not for everyone. That it uses the Prime timeline as the source material is a plus, but the game itself is still limited.

A single player game like Mass Effect but tuned for Star Trek, though? Sign me up.
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