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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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So, I cant read 1000 posts on this so I'll just chip in with my opinion.

Janeway was right.

Tuvix is a freak accident. No history, no family. Is it unfortunate, even tragic? Yes.

But what would have been more tragic is abandoning two men with lives, with careers and [in Tuvok's case] with families to die. Janeway could not afford to let sentiment get in the way of restoring two real crewmen who were forced together to create a hybrid.

Sure its uncomfortable. Its meant to be. However, in my opinion, Janeway made the only real choice there was: fix the mistake and save two lives.
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She was fixing a transporter accident.
My feelings exactly.
So you are ok with murder then?

Tuvix was a sentient being, and in a sense born on a Federation Starship which would make him a Federation citizen and as such entitled to all the protections that come with it, and even if he wasn't a Federation citzen when onboard a Federation ship, Federalion law applies. Murder is against Federation law. Therefore Janeway was wrong and is guilty of murder.
No one died. Two people who were combined through no fault of their own were restored by Janeway's order. But if that's how you define murder ... sure. I'll take Murder for $200, Alex.
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