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Bev was only too prepared, in NAKED NOW, to bed Picard. True, a strange alchemy was at work, but it only served to release their inner fantasies and desires. And just how long is she to mourn her husband's loss? After all ... Picard sure as hell did not authorize ENTERPRISE to Warp 10 it around the Sun to bring Jack back. He certainly had the means and and opportunity, considering some of their occassionally "random" destinations, just before closing credits on some episodes. Maybe having a cougar and an old fart making out a lot just wasn't going to get the ratings, so they just played it "safe," as infatuation. But had Bev and Johnny gone ALL the way ... I sure as hell did not want to keep hearing about "Jack, Jack, Jack ..."! Make a move and explore its potential, or not at all. Unfortunately, aching, longing and yearning is how TNG's Creative Team chose to show their discression ...
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