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Re: TOS Big 12 (or 18)

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Garrovick is intelligent, intense, quick-witted but also somewhat short-fused, dour and uptight, with a streak of misoginism.
Misogyny. Anyway where do you get that? He treats Harris as any other officer. His frustration with Richards is simply that he doesn't want a personal assistant at all, let alone one who knows such much about his history.

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His general grim outlook resulted from personal trauma and untreated abandonment issues. He was marooned as a young cadet for two years on a harsh, isolated planet, losing his girlfriend as a result. During the same incident a close relative died tragically (former USS Farragut captain A. Steven GARROVICK).
I think that oversimplifies things. First, it wasn't a girlfriend he lost, but his fiancee. He perhaps also feels a bit slighted at being assigned to the "unwanted starship" and having his choice for First Officer (Cutty) rejected and being assigned Harris instead. This factored into a possible episode I'd been writing after "The Atlantis Invaders" got scrubbed.

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Currently the starship Exeter and Captain GARROVICK are featured in a web-series occurring during STAR TREK’s never broadcast ‘’fourth season’’. Garrovick is played by Jimm JOHNSON/James CULHANE.
I believe the Johnsons imagined it as either Star Trek recast for a 4th season OR a spinoff show set on a different ship.
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