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Re: A polled thread about thread polls.

I should have made this some time ago but I have another poll idea;

Poll question:
Who would you have at the Helm of your ship?

Answers so far:
Travis Mayweather
Hikaru Sulu (Prime Trek)
Hikaru Sulu (NuTrek)
Pavel Chekov
Demora Sulu
Miles O'Brien
Geordi La Forge
Wesley Crusher
Ro Laren
Lt. Gates (Last seasons of TNG)
Tom Paris
I plan to post this tomorrow though I think I got everyone but I'm always open to ideas. I'm aiming for main helmsmen and not the helmsman of the week and I'm not sure if I should add Deanna Troi for obvious reasons. This will be a 2 choice poll since there was always a fall back pilot on each ship.
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